ReGIONAL Network for THE developMeNt of

agrIcUltural Co-operatives IN ASIA AND PACIFIC (NEDAC)

NEDAC Constitution



Considering the proposal made by ADG/RR, FAORAP in Singapore Consultation conclusion 34 in June 1989 and recommendation 9.1 of the Cooperative Ministers’ Conference in Sydney convened by the ICA/ROAP in February 1990 the agencies and institutions of the countries in the Asia and Pacific Region who are involved and concerned in the promotion and development of agricultural cooperatives;


Recognizing the mutual advantages to be derived through the exchange of technical information know-how and experiences through regional collaboration;


Have decided to establish a regional network on agricultural cooperative development for the Asia and Pacific region hereinafter referred to as the “Network for the Development of Agricultural Cooperatives”, also to be known by its acronym NEDAC which should be governed by the following provision.




Name of Network:

The name of the network shall be “Regional Network for Development of Agricultural Cooperatives in Asia and the Pacific” with the acronym NEDAC.




Aims and objectives of the Regional Network:

· To sensitize governments on the need for promoting the potential of Agricultural Cooperatives’ role in development particularly in the agricultural, and rural development sector


· To provide a forum for exchange of information and experiences and promote cooperation among member countries through joint efforts and the exchange of knowledge and experiences


· To establish amongst its members an internal based system for data collection, exchange of information and experiences regarding agricultural cooperative development, with a focus on enabling legal and policy frame works of countries; cooperative enterprise development, capacity building/strengthening of agricultural cooperatives, promote agricultural, fisheries and forestry based commodity production, value-addition and marketing at national and regional level


· To strengthen the technical capacity of member institutions especially in identification of problems and formulation of adequate solutions and encourage the countries’ self-confidence through recognition of their own resources, knowledge and skills


· To establish and maintain close working relationships with the FAO, ILO and other international and regional organizations particularly ICA ROAP and other organizations pursuing similar or related objectives. To stimulate the capabilities and training of human resources at all levels and accelerate development through a more efficient utilization of human, physical and financial resources available and


· To document and disseminate success stories in regard to innovative interaction between governments and cooperatives.




Scope of Membership


Regular Membership


The Regional Network would be open for membership to all countries of the Asia and Pacific Region on a voluntary basis upon payment of admission fee US$500 and regular membership fee US$2500 or associate membership fee US$1500.


The members may be:-


· Government Ministries and Departments with direct responsibility for agricultural cooperative development


· National level or Apex level cooperative organization concerned with agricultural cooperatives


· Parasitical organizations supporting agricultural cooperative development; and Cooperative Training and Research Institutions; Universities involved in or supporting agricultural cooperative development and International Agencies


· The International Cooperative Alliance, regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ICA-ROAP) and ILO, Regional Cooperative Development Unit, will be a permanent member of the Network.


Associate Membership


· Organizations unable to pay a regular membership fee of US$2500 may be enrolled as Associate Member upon payment of US$1500 and US$500 admission fee. These may include:


· Regional and national level organizations in the Asia-Pacific Region which by mandate and programme activities are supporting agricultural cooperative development

· Any cooperative organization from outside the region with particular interest in providing support to agricultural cooperative development in Asian and Pacific countries.


· Associate Members will not be represented in EXCOM and will have No Voting right


· Associate Members will have rights equal to that enjoyed by Regular Members in formulation of NEDAC policies/strategies and its programme of

· activities/work plan for agricultural cooperative development.


· NEDAC-Funds as included in the NEDAC work plan will be used for providing travel cost for regular member participants to NEDAC-Meetings/Seminars etc. Associate Members will be expected to join at their own expenses. If however, external funding is available for NEDAC technical meetings then they will be considered for financing travel costs as appropriate.



Obligations of Membership


The obligations of membership of the Network are as follows:-


· Should promptly respond to any request by the Chairman or Secretariat of the Network


· Provide information requested by members of the Network which may not be against any regulations of the country


· Undertake any assignments that may be mutually agreed among the members of the Networks


· Settle financial obligations/membership fees in close consultation with the NEDAC Secretariat. Rescheduling of arrears or any other acceptable solution mutually agreed based upon criteria established by the Executive Committee will be effectualised by the Secretariat and the member concerned


· Collaborate fully with the Network in the fulfillment of the Network’s objectives and functions


· Discuss the programmes of the Network with other members of Networks where they exist and convey their comments/decisions to the secretariat.



 Functions of the Network


To achieve the objectives in Article II above, the network shall undertake the following functions:-

· Promote the exchange of ideas and experiences among countries in the Asia Pacific Region, on policies, programmes and projects for agricultural cooperative development


· Organize periodic meetings of the network. Collect, collate and disseminate information on agricultural cooperative development and other matters of common interest to its members


· Arrange for and organize consultations, workshops, seminar, research projects, courses and other training programmes for senior level policy makers, cooperative leaders and middle level managerial and technical staff on policies, programme management and technical aspects of agricultural cooperative development


· Any other function which are required to achieve the objectives of the Regional Network.