ReGIONAL Network for THE developMeNt of

agrIcUltural Co-operatives IN ASIA AND PACIFIC (NEDAC)



Scope of Activities


The specific activities that may be dealt with by the Network are:

· Organize consultations, conferences, workshops, seminars, research projects, courses and training programmes at regional, sub-regional and national levels


· Organize surveys with the collaboration of the members of the Regional Network


· Organize observation tours/study programmes for policy makers, cooperative leaders and senior executives to study policies, programmes and field activities related to agricultural cooperative development


· Organize a staff exchange programme for in-depth, detail technical studies of or on-the-job training in specific areas related to agricultural cooperative development


· Collect, collate and disseminate information on agricultural cooperative development


· Document and disseminate success stories in regard to agricultural cooperative development


· Promote mutual technical cooperation (TCDC) by providing expertise from one member country to another on specific areas of agricultural cooperative development; and


· Issue periodic information note/materials on agricultural cooperative development in the region through e-mails and develop web-site on the network’s activities in due course.





The financial resources of the Network shall be raised under the following:-

· Admission fee US$500(new members)


· Annual membership fee of Us$2000 for Regular membership and US$1000 for Associate membership


· Voluntary contributions by members


· Grants and donations from donor agencies


· Project funds on acceptance of a programme of work of the Network


· National currency reserves particularly set apart for network programmes at the country level. Members institutions in addition to making their annual contributions and supplementary contributions may establish National Currency Funds with which they may pay moneys in their national currencies to be used for implementing NEDAC programmes and projects. Such national funds would be exclusively administered by the member institution concerned


· Trust Funds, Technical Cooperation Programmes (TCP)/UNDP/ILO; and








· There will be a General Assembly of the Network, which will meet at least once two years. Each member institution including associate member institutions will be represented by one delegate


· The venue of such meetings will be decided by the Network secretariat in consultation with host organization


· The chairman or the Vice-Chairman of the Executive committee shall chair the Annual General Assembly


· The General Assembly will select and appoint an Auditor for auditing NEDAC Accounts. The Auditor would be a special invitee to attend the Executive Committee of NEDAC as and when necessary, with out any voting rights.


· The agenda at the annual meetings would include consideration of the following matters:-


· Report prepared by the Secretariat relating to activities carried out in the preceding year


· Approval of tentative programme of work and budget for the following year to be prepared by the Secretariat in consultation with member institutions; Report on technical and other maters of interest


· Report on technical and other matters of interest, Admission of new members


· Financial matters, and audited statements of accounts


· Any other matters which any member may like to discuss with prior notification to the secretariat.




Executive Committee


· There shall be an Executive Committee of the Network composed of three   officers namely Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Executive Secretary, and three members.


· The Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Members Shall be elected by the General Assembly from among the member institutions at the Annual Meeting and shall hold office for two years and shall not be eligible for immediate re-election to the same office.


· No country will have more than one representative in the Executive Committee.


· ICA and ILO shall be invited to the meeting of Executive Committee


Duties of Executive Committee


The Executive Committee will be responsible for directing the activities of the Network.


It should:-


· Submit reports on the Network activities.


· Submit annual programme of work and the annual budget.


· Submit the financial reports on annual contributions, cash flow and such other salient statements as may be needed in Network operations.


· Meet once a year at least funded by the Network or authorize the Executive Secretary to arrange for adoption of resolutions submitted by member institutions by seeking consent of members by correspondence.


· Formulate rules and regulations which may be necessary and appropriate to conduct the operations of the Network, provided they are not inconsistent with the articles, and by-laws of the Network, for ratification.

Functions of Executive Secretary


Initially FAO RAP would provide the services of a suitable officer, conversant or dealing directly with the promotion of cooperatives, in relation to agricultural development to serve as Executive Secretary of the Network until such time as

 the Network is able to appoint an Executive Secretary, with suitable experience in this field.


The Executive Secretary will be the chief of the Network’s secretariat and will be responsible for its general administration and daily operations including:-


· Preparation of annual PWB for submission to Executive Committee.


· Receive annual contributions and other financial contributions to the Network; account for al such money received, and make payments in accordance with rules, procedures established by the Executive Committee.


· Prepare statement of such accounts and financial statements as required by the Executive Committee.


· Arrange for meetings of the Executive Committee and the General Assembly.


· Enter into contracts for consultancy or contractual services, hire general service-staff for assisting the secretariat in maintaining of proper files, records and accounts of NEDAC-Funds.


· Submit reports on all approved programmes of work and network activities and discussion them among member institutions-as a regular basis as decided by the Executive Committee.


· Prepare any other functions as may be specified by the Executive Committee and the General Assembly.




Amendments to Constitution


The general body at meeting could amend any Provision of the Constitution, with the consent of a majority of not less than 2/3 of the members present and after adequate notice has been given to all members of such intentions. The procedure for dissolution of the network will also be the same as for amending the constitution.


Emergency Meeting


NEDAC Secretariat will have the power/authority for calling “Emergency Meeting” if needed, at any time. Emergency meeting may also be convened if two third of the NEDAC members request for such meeting.